Cutting-edge Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and OCD

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    Individual sessions for adults

    Depending on your preference I can meet with you in my Corte Madera office or over Zoom. When helpful, I can accompany you out of the office to help you confront your fears in the setting where they actually occur.

    Learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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    Group therapy

    For years I’ve been conducting therapy groups for those with OCD and anxiety. This modality offers a number of advantages:

    • Your suffering may be increased by feelings of isolation and shame. This is an opportunity to see that you are not alone and that others are struggling with similar challenges.
    • Applying more productive coping strategies is easier when you are encouraged and supported by others who truly get how difficult it can be.
    • Group costs considerably less than individual sessions.

    Learn more about group therapy

    Couple therapy

    I have decades of experience as a couple therapist. These days, as I focus my practice on the treatment of anxiety and OCD, I help couples deal with the impact these can have on relationships.

    Adjunctive targeted treatment for those in therapy

    Therapists continue to work with their patients on broader issues and “subcontract out” treatment of a circumscribed problem. I adopt a very narrowly focused CBT approach. For example, I’d help a client overcome a bridge phobia. or reduce OCD compulsions, while their therapist continues to help them with the rest of their difficulties.


    I provide advice and guidance for therapists treating a client with an anxiety disorder or OCD. I also offer a second opinion if the diagnosis is in question.


    I conduct in-person and Zoom workshops on the treatment of anxiety and OCD. Extensive feedback over the years attest to these being highly informative, useful, and fun.