Cutting-edge Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and OCD

  • Together We Can Tackle What's Holding You Back

    Live More Freely

    Do you find yourself tangled up in unhelpful thoughts or behaviors?

    Are you troubled by excessive worry, or fear?

    Do you avoid uncomfortable situations?

    You’re not alone. Over 40 million American adults are afflicted with anxiety disorders.

    I get what you’re going through and I can help

    There is very good news. Evidence-based treatments have been developed which are proven to be highly effective. For over 20 years I’ve been helping individuals, like you, reduce anxiety and OCD.

    We’ll work together and you can expect to start feeling better within a few weeks. And within a few months you’ll likely begin to live a freer, more expansive life, with greater peace of mind.

    My approach is practical, focused, and interactive; my style is warm, nonjudgmental, and laced with humor.

    Interested in having a happier life with greater freedom? I invite you to contact me today to discuss your situation.


    What I offer that many therapists do not

    Previous therapy may have helped in some ways, but not in substantially reducing your painful, problematic symptoms. It may not have taught you specific tools and techniques to manage your panic, decrease your worrying, reduce your compulsions, or stop avoiding what your fear.

    Your treatment may have meandered, been passive, and dealt too much with the past. Conversely, it may have been overly mechanistic and rote.

    I have extensive training and experience, and use a cutting-edge, evidenced-based approach. This gives me a marked advantage in helping you reduce your anxiety or OCD symptoms.

    Longer-term more in-depth therapy can be appropriate for extensive, more complex, issues. When it comes to anxiety disorders, however, overwhelming research has proven that shorter-term treatments are highly successful.

    For the past 20 years, I’ve devoted the vast majority of my practice to briefer treatment aimed specifically at reducing the symptoms of anxiety and OCD.

    In addition, I’m one of very few practitioners in the county who will accompany you out into the “real world” when advisable. For example, if you fear driving on the freeway, I’ll get into the car with you and coach you in using the tools you’ve learned in therapy.


    Contact me for a complimentary 10-minute discussion about your situation. Together we can determine whether I'm a good fit.