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  • Agoraphobia

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    Agoraphobia can result from panic attacks. It’s a fear of being in places or situations that might be dangerous, embarrassing, or difficult to leave in the event of a panic attack or panic-related symptoms, such as dizziness or sudden diarrhea. On occasion it’s caused by a fear of vomiting.

    This worry causes widespread avoidance of a variety of situations that involve feeling trapped, or alone and helpless. Persons with agoraphobia may avoid travel, crowds, the hair salon, the mall, the movies, or the freeway. Some people are able to enter the situations, but experience considerable dread. Others can deal with the feared circumstances only if a companion is with them.

    The persistent avoidance of situations often impairs the ability of the person to work or carry out the routine activities of daily life. Since avoidance offers short-term relief, it tends to increase.

    The good news is that the syndrome is quite treatable with CBT.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, when it come to this and other anxiety problems, “CBT has been well studied and is the gold standard.”

    The vast majority of authoritative agencies, associations, and organizations agree. (Check out the Resources page in the menu above for more info).

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